Download Latest Channel List

Here you can download the latest channel list. Please follow these instruction

Download the file “TP_PROG.dbs” and copy it into your USB Flash Disk. Plug that USB into your box and follow the instruction below.
1: Press Menu and press OK on Delete channels.
2: It ask for confirmation, Press yes, you are sure to delete the channels
3: Go to  ”TOOLS” menu
4: Select ‘Upgrade by USB’
5: On new window, use arrow keys to change top line to ‘MISC FILES’
6: Move down to ‘SELECT AND UPGRADE’
7: A new window opens, select ‘TP_PROG.dbs’ press OK button to place a tick by it and then press yellow button to upgrade
8: Again if box asks anything, answer yes.. Let it flash and REBOOT.
Updated: 29-11-2013